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The SG Center ‘s EKG/Monitor Technician course offers individuals looking for a path of entry into the healthcare industry a viable means to do so within a relatively short period of time.

The program prepares individuals to be an integral part of the clinical team. As an EKG technician performing routine diagnostic or physiological tests, or as a monitor tech observing patient rhythms in real time, these dual roles are a necessary and sought after skill set often performed by other nursing staff cross-trained to perform these functions. A dedicated technician brings expertise to this area and relieves pressure from other departments as well as facilitating excellent patient care.

For a short program, the educational content of this course is extra ordinary. Students will be required to learn about the amazing anatomy and physiology of the heart, understand the cardiac conduction system, and recognize basic rhythms and arrhythmias, all in a month’s time.

The successful candidate has to be prepared to put in a significant amount of study time outside the 60 lecture and lab hours required by the National Healthcare Association and other certifying bodies, and the SG Center’s program rigorously challenges the student to complete the training and score in the highest percentile on the National Certification Exam.
Students of all backgrounds can achieve success in this program and embark on a rewarding career as an EKG/Monitor Technician, or continue on to other clinical professions with added confidence.

It is our job at the SG Center to ensure you maximize this opportunity; it is your job simply to decide to act.

For more information, call or e-mail us, or make an appointment to meet with a course coordinator or speak with an instructor.
877.769.3656 8AM to 8PM everyday
1801 Excise Ave, Suite 108, Ontario, CA 91761

If you are looking for a credible, viable, sustainable entry level career in the healthcare industry, it will cost you nothing to explore this opportunity. And if you do decide to take this first step, we will do everything we can to help you succeed.


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1801 Excise Ave, Suite 108, Ontario, CA 91761 

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